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Diviners Killer Cocktail


Evie O’Neill is way too big-time for small-town Zenith Ohio. She likes gin, and despite the Prohibition, has no trouble finding it. She likes flapper fashion and boys and dancing. Only, her parents, along with most of the town, are not impressed. When her punishment for a drunken accusation is to go stay with an uncle in New York City, well, Evie thinks this is the beginning of a swell new adventure.

Libba Bray’s The Diviners is chock full of adventure. From her very first mugging to her friendship with a real live Ziegfeld girl to getting her name in the newspaper, Evie is really living! It’s not all giggle water and the Charleston, though. Turns out Uncle Will owns a decaying museum of the occult and supernatural. He is called in to help solve a murder, and Evie tags along.

When she sees the dead girl, Evie realizes her secret gift of psychically “reading” objects could help solve the crime. Except Evie isn’t the only one in New York with special powers. And not everyone uses their powers for good.

The Killer’s Cocktail is swilled at fashionable parties as a way of thumbing one’s nose at the policy’s warnings about a murderer at large. I used a Canadian whiskey, as many New Yorkers would have during prohibition. You are welcome to use any sparkling wine as a topper, from Champagne to Prosecco. I used canned tart pie cherries in water as to not over sweeten the drink. If you prefer maraschinos, have at it.

Diviners Killer Cocktail

1 shot whiskey
1/2 shot triple sec
Splash orange juice
6 canned cherries
Sparkling wine

In a shaker, combine the first four ingredients and shake it like crazy. Alternatively, you could muddle them in your glass, but it will be cloudy. Strain into the stemware of your choice, and top with sparkling wine.

I didn’t think of it in time, but this would be a perfect drink to add a sugar rim to your glass.

Serves one, if you can stop with one!

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